Referral for new property

I recently referred my youngest daughter to Bulb via the link on my app, she moved into her first house and has since signing up found out the previous owner who hasn’t lived there for over 12 months was also with Bulb. Does this mean the referral is null and void as it’s not shown up pending on my app as it did with my eldest daughter.
Many Thanks.

Hi @Arsesix :wave:

Thanks for posting and welcome to community.

Sadly referrals are only for new properties. If someone moves into a property already supplied by us, we won’t be able to add the referral credit for you or your daughter.

There’s a bit more information about this on our website which might be helpful to you.

You’re welcome to keep referring though as there’s no limit on the amount of people that you can refer :relaxed:

If you’ve got any questions, please do let us know.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb: