Referral Guideline Update

Hi All,

As you know, we don’t allow posting of referral links, Bulb or otherwise on Community. We decided this as a Community as it steers away from the topic of conversation.

We’ve decided to extend this rule to asking people to DM you for referral links (as tempting as it may be). It’s for the same reasons why we originally made the no referral guideline when we first created Community.

We want to encourage sharing of opinions and ideas and love to hear them. We want Community to be a place to discuss how to make Bulb better, greener living, and smart technology.

Happy chatting.

Team Bulb

its so the staff can use their referral links and the customers cannot

If Bulb customer service were better there wouldn’t be so many people looking for referrals to other suppliers …


if the whole company were better people wouldnt be looking to leave


Can you please back up your claim rather than cast doubt on the integrity of individuals working for Bulb? I am unable to recollect a Bulb staff member posting their referral link on this Community.

Just to be clear I don’t work for Bulb and as of about two months ago I am not a customer of Bulb.

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Well said, hope you will be able to back up your comments with the necessary continuous action?


Same guy that said bulb were going under but to date hasn’t put money where mouth is

Of course that’s not the reason. It’s because people are only requesting referral links for companies other than Bulb. Be honest @Chloe_at_Bulb


I think it is totally correct for Bulb to extend the criteria to include referral to other suppliers. Why should their Community platform be used for the benefit of other suppliers?

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Agree, but if that’s the reason they’re clamping down on DMs (which it is) why not just say so?

Hi. …:wave: I would just like to say thank you for my £100 today…:sunglasses: #teambulb

Hi @Allanr

We’re committed to making our community the best hub of discussion not just about Bulb, but also about the industry at large.

The energy sector is in a really interesting, and crucial moment and we’re going to facilitate a bustling, positive community to reflect this.

Expect a post early next week outlining some of our plans and commitments for the coming months.

Thanks and happy Friday,

I can but it will be done in court in the near future

if there is an upcoming court case does not this and the other postings you have made on here not put you borderline on “contempt of court”

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whats it got to do with you

Let me be quite specific, this thread is about Bulb updating their referral guidlenes to stop anyone posting referral links from Bulb or any other supplier and not to include a reference in a post about requesting a private message so that a referral can be sent. Bulb are totally in their right to take this action.

In your response you said it was “so staff can use their referral links and the customers cannot”. For the love of me I cannot see how Bulb tightening up their guidelines can stop customers legitimately using their referral links?

Does this mean you will be (finally) doing something about all the people spamming bulb links on Facebook or using paid advertising to promote their bulb links?

Or does this just apply to people trying to promote other suppliers who are far cheaper than bulb and who have dropped both their gas and electric prices rather than giving a small amount with the gas only to take it away again with the electric


a small amount with the gas only to take it away again with the electric
At some point in our lives we have all robbed Peter to pay Paul, but never has it been so blatantly obvious
Bulb must be commended on their unbridled enthuasiasm for going the extra mile to shoot themselves in the foot at the slightest opportutinity.
BTW, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with their policy on referrals but thought i would post anyway

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