referral link name

I too have accidentally used the names of the people I want to refer in my link, rather than my own! Please can you change my referral link for me? It’s currently jonandjess. Please could it be andyandabi? Thanks.

Hi @andyandabi all sorted for you :slight_smile:

Just FYI, if you’ve shared your old link with anyone, it won’t work any more. You’ll have to give Jon and Jess your new link;

Have a great day,

Lovely, thank you.

No worries. Any time!

i have also used my referral friend name in the link please can I change it to charlottewilliams13

Sure thing @charlottewilliams13

As you can tell, I’ve done that for you now. Just so you know, your old referral link won’t work anymore, so let Sally know that she needs to use your new link if she’d like to get you each £50.

All the best,

I’ve seen several requests like this now. I haven’t checked the referral page recently, but I did find it misleading at the time - and it seems I’m not the only one. Might it be a good idea to consider reviewing the wording on it to make it less ambiguous for all?

Yep, we’ve come to the same conclusion @andyandabi. We definitely need to make it clearer.

We’re actually making a change to referrals to give everyone a pre-generated link when they join so it’s easier to dive right in. Hopefully that should make it more intuitive too.

Sounds good. :wink: