Referral link sharing


I am not able to share my link on social sites as I do not have any ! Are there any ways to share the knowledge of a “green” company that does not make you go green like the marvels HULK other than social media as I do feel the need to share.
Thank you

Hi @Zola26, you could always print out your link (or just write it down) and give it to your friends. There’s no requirement to send anything digitally, be it via social media, email, or other method.

You can share it via Whatsapp or texts.

Thank you. I will try both ways. Texting and writing it down. I have sent a few emails… Fingers crossed.

Thank you all for your advice. I have through the “bulb” page been able to email friends/family. Just waiting now to see if they are cheaper for them too…