Referral link


Hey @colette9141

We’ve passed this onto the tech team after your chat with one of my colleagues earlier, so they should be able to change your referral link for you soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam. Would you know how long until I have my new referral link?

@colette9141 We don’t have a timescale yet, unfortunately, but we will let you know once this has been changed.

Thanks !! Would appreciate if it could be hurried along as I would love to get back to referring as many to bulb as possible!!! Thanks

@colette9141 I’ll chase the tech team on this :slight_smile:

Any progress yet???



Any progress yet? Thanks

@colette9141 The tech team is asking what you would like to change this to. Would you like to suggest something?

@colette9141 There is a slight chance that by changing the referral link you would lose some of the referral bonuses that are currently in progress. Just wanted to let you know of this potential problem before we went ahead.

I definitely dont want to loose any of my current bonuses so I will phone you Monday to discuss. Thanks

Had a think about it @danp and have decided to stick with my current referral link for the present Thanks anyway .

Please do not change it @danp thanks

Hi @colette9141 I’ve notified the tech team and have stopped the referral code switch process. So, it’ll stay as is. Cheers!