Referral links and apps - Suggestion

We joined bulb recently and have been actively posting our link on Facebook etc. Some friends missed the posts and joined up without a link meaning we both do not benefit from the £50 credit.

I had an idea that bulb should promote downloading the app first and the app would ask for permission to access your phone contacts.

Once this was granted the app could then show all contacts who were members of bulb and listing their friends referral codes. Nobody would miss out of the referral credit. It would also be easy to share a link to contacts who are not with bulb.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

@Scottishguy, if you think of it from Bulb’s perspective, as much as they want you to be able to refer people and get credit for it, if someone signs up without being referred, they save £100 (£50 to each person).

There’s no business advantage to them giving away £100 just because the person who joined knows someone else who’s already a member.

The last figure we’ve had for referrals was 17% (although I suspect it’s higher than that now) so they’ve “saved” a lot of money by people signing up through comparison sites (costs them about £60 per switch), or just signing up without any kind of referral.