Referral Made - no payment received (the referee has their £50)

I made a referral to a friend back in July but had to close my account shortly after due to moving home. I have not yet received the £50 payment as promised and going through the terms and conditions, I cannot find where me leaving Bulb when I did would result in non-payment. I believe I was with Bulb still at the point of switch (although would have to confirm with my friend).

Can somebody please take a look at this for me? I find that this is a bit misleading, as you have benefited from my referral yet haven’t paid for this.

This is a customer discussion forum, not a Bulb customer service desk. If you want someone from Bulb to look at this officially for you, you’ll need to contact Bulb using their actual customer service channels. Speaking purely as another customer …


17.2.4. Referrers must be existing Bulb members.
Clearly this applies to the whole of the switching process. You must be a customer of Bulb at the point their switch completes.

You say you believe you were still with Bulb at the point your friend’s switch completed. This is critical to your complaint, so I’d suggest you find some hard evidence to prove this before taking your complaint up with Bulb. If it turns out your account was closed before their switch completed, then I’m afraid you wont be getting your referral.