Referral missed out on signing up

I have signed up to Bulb however through the process it never asked for the referral name that I was given from a friend. Can someone help and give advice to remedy this.

I too seem to have had this problem on sign up.

Hi @Lyall and @Iainp I hope I can help clear this one up.

At Bulb, we use referral links rather than referral codes. Every Bulb member has a personal referral link which they can give to their friends. Referral links look like this: You need to sign up through this link in order to receive a credit. Typically we can’t apply credit when you’ve forgotten to use your friend’s link. But in this case, as it seems you both genuinely misunderstood how to use your friend’s links, give our team a ring and we’ll see what we can do: 0300 30 30 635. We’re open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm :slight_smile: