Referral not logged

I (alistair7135) referred rachels0908 who has now completed their switch and neither of us got the referral £50? :frowning:

How can I get this fixed?

Hi @brooky_agb
It doesn’t look like the referral link was used as part of her switch, so the credit wasn’t added for that reason.

If she contacts us and can provide the link she meant to us, we can add that on for you both.

Hi Rob, thanks for your help.
This is the link I followed on the 5th June.
I didn’t think it had worked properly at the time. I followed the link but didn’t see any mention of credit so I phoned to speak with an adviser to check (around 3.30 on the 5th June). He advised that I wouldn’t see the discount appear now but instead be credited £50 into my account and Mr Brookbanks account when everything was set up so I assumed this would be the case.

Hey @brooky_agb and @Rachel_shuker1818 that’s been applied for you now!

Thanks! All sorted now. :+1: