Referral not showing

I was referred to bulb by my dad, I used the email link he sent me and signed up. It’s been over a month now and nothing is showing on either of our accounts? We both should have been credited £50. Help! What do I do?

You should contact Bulb with details of the referral link and your dad’s name, his email address as given to Bulb or post code. Contact info at the foot of this page:

I have had this also. I called first thing this morning and got told that they would send the email from tranferwise straight away but I still haven’t received the email.
I don’t understand it because the first referral came straight away but this one hasn’t. My friend and I both had an email stating that we would get the payment on the 3rd

I’ll try getting in touch with them! Thanks both… hopefully you get sorted too Sam

Hi @ClareW

Looks like Ebru at Bulb got that sorted for you and the credit is on the account. Sorry that didn’t happen automatically - you shouldn’t have to email in to chase us!