Referral payment not received


I was supposed to get my first referral payment today and I’ve not received it

I use the search facility on the forum and it seems lots of people don’t get it and someone off the forum team has to normally credit it to them has this happened to me as well

I was just rather hoping on it coming in because I’m definitely struggling and would really value a nice hot bath and having the heating on for a little bit £50 would definitely help

I have have blurred the names on the screenshot obviously for data protection for the two people

Hi @Emma180, welcome to our community! :partying_face:

I am sorry to see you have not recieved your first referral payment. It is very rare that these are not processed automatically. However, where you have followed everything correctly, we will always honour the referral credit and can add them onto your account retrospectively.

I am going to send you an email about this now Emma, as we will need to discuss personal information which we cannot do on a public forum for obvious reasons.

Please look out for my email and respond as soon as you can!

All the best,

I will go check now thank you

Sam I have replied to you slightly crossed wires tempting as it would have been to just give you someone else’s refer link and pocket the £50 I didn’t join on someone else’s link.

Damn you mother and your firmly ingrained moral code lol

I’m just checking you have received my emails @SamR_at_Bulb as I replied straight away but haven’t heard anything back

This has been resolved now.
Thanks for all the help SamR .

Hi @Emma180,

Glad Sam was able to help you solve this issue, thank you for posting to let us know! :clap:

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You aren’t going to believe this but it’s happened again I didn’t want to create a separate post.
Sorry to be such a bother

I just checked again this morning in case it had resolved itself as I haven’t had a reply and I seem to be travelling backwards in time.

I certainly didn’t hear the Boom as my metre hit 88 miles per hour.
No sightings of Marty McFly either

Any idea why my metre is travelling backwards in time referral wise now.

Hi @Emma180 -

Thanks so much for the update, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience here. I’m looking into this for you now, as I can see the new recruit’s switch completed on 25th November. I’ll drop you an update about this via email later today.

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Thank you Jim as always a legend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just updating that this has been resolved again thank you for all your help

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I jest, but wonder if you would hear the same Boom if your meter managed to get to 39.34 metres per second?

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