Referral Payment Scam?

After browsing briefly through the community posts it appears to be a common theme that those referring others are not receiving their bonus payments.
I referred my son several months ago, hes has received and paid his first bill but neither of us received the bonus payment. He contacted Bulb who apologised for the delay and he was told that the payments have been arranged.
Over a month on, I STILL haven’t received my referral bonus.
Come on Bulb, this isn’t doing your reputation any good, sort it out please!

Agree with you. I have referred my friend and he is sure about using the referral link. But I don’t see the referal recorded on my account nor is there any payment. Should have some email triggered to you when some one uses your referal link. Looks too discrete to me. I have raised on the community and now sent a direct message. Will call them if I don’t get a response. But all this time wasted on something which could have been easily dealt with technology and that too from a tech smart company like bulb… sad :frowning:

I had a reply to my complaint after about 24 hours and although they said my friend did not use the referal link(which he is sure he did) we both were credited this morning 50gbp each. Thanks bulb team