Referral problem.

I was referred by a friend but the sign up didn’t go through the referral link, can it be added or do I need to cancel and re-set up?

Hi @RsBeswick, if you know your friend’s account details, Bulb may be feeling nice enough to add this on for you :smile:

I’d suggest emailing with the information, or getting in touch with them on Monday via live chat/phone.

Hi @RsBeswick As @mowcius says, let us know the referral link and the referrers name and we’ll add the credit.


@Sam_Bulb That’s great, thank you for the help.

@RsBeswick - Thank you for confirming the referral link. I have applied the credit to your accounts and removed the link/personal details from your comment above in line with our new T&Cs about posting referral links.



Hello James, Thank you very much for your help. I have spoken to the person who referred me and they haven’t received their credit? Also would it be possible to withdraw the £50 credit from my account as I have an outstanding charge from my previous supplier?



@RsBeswick I have refunded the £50 to your bank. Please could you email us (for data security reasons) with the details of the person who referred you so that we can make sure that they are credited. Our email is Thanks