Referral reward 09/10/18

On the 6th Sep you emailed me with the good news that I had been awarded £50 because Jean had joined bulb from the 27th Sep. When will this reward be applied to my account?

Hi @Pandabear ,

If their switch is complete, the credit should show up under ‘Payments and Statements’ in (if they are still in the process of switching, have a look at the ‘Refer a friend’ section and under ‘My referrals’ at the bottom click on ‘Currently switching’). Your direct debit amount won’t automatically decrease, but you can amend the amount your are paying monthly via ‘Payments and Statements’ to slowly use up your credit (I’ve recently reduced my monthly payments to £20 to do this) or, if you’ve supplied recent meter readings, you can ask Bulb directly ( : email is preferred) to refund the excess to your bank account.

Ok, something strange going on here, I was emailed on 6/9 that I would receive £50 when Jean (Connell) switched on 27/9, I have checked and she switched successfully on that date but it does not show on my referrals and the £50 does not show on our accounts. So what is happening?


Hi @Pandabear ,

As this is account specific, there’s not much else us fellow customers/members can help with on this community forum - you’ll be better served by asking Bulb directly - see for their contact details ( I believe they prefer email over live chat and live chat over telephone calls: but just pick whichever is best for you).

@Pandabear We’ve sent you an email to get a confirmation of the details, and we’ll credit it to both of your accounts.

@Pandabear We've sent you an email to get a confirmation of the details, and we'll credit it to both of your accounts.

Thank you I have sent you the details you requested.