Referral Reward Not Showing

Hi - I sent my daughter my referral link to switch to Bulb and she made the switch. She’s now paid her first bill and has been with Bulb for over three weeks but the reward is not showing on her account or on our account. When I look at the referral summary it isn’t showing her as having switched. Has something gone wrong or am I being too impatient and it is still going through the system?

Hi @ddskwood - Thanks for letting us know. That sounds there may be a problem but hopefully something we can put right quickly. Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you with an update later this afternoon.

Hey @ddskwood - I’ve had an initial look and couldn’t find the referral code being used. Could you email over your daughters name to referencing referral reward in the subject line and we’ll get everything straightened out. Sorry for the inconvenience on this and look forward to resolving things asap.