Referral scheme


After successfully arranging a number of referrals, I would like to know if the monies credited to my account can only be redeemed against the cost of energy used or if this be transferred to me as a payment if I was to ever leave the company, for example?

My house is sold, subject to contract, and I will be temporarily moving in with a friend until I buy again in the future, I obviously don’t want to lose the balance I have in my account.

Thank you.

Hi @Darren_Allen ,

Once you’ve closed your account with Bulb, they’ll automatically refund any money in your account (including referrals). I think you switch supplier, this can take 6 weeks, but if you just move out (see What to do when you're moving house – Bulb ), it’ll only take a week or so.

Great stuff! Thank you!

Shouldn’t there be a limit on the number of referrals? The way it operates at the moment is just like a coupon discount code, with spammers able to make money with no knowledge of the referred or their circumstances.
Or was that the intention?

Or was that the intention?
All evidence suggests that that was always the intention - though I'm sure Bulb will deny it and talk about rewarding customers etc etc.

I’d like to join but can’t find a referral code for £50 each - can somebody let me know where I can look for one. Thanks.

Hi @bumble_101 ,

I’ve just PMed (private messaged) you a link as it’s against Bulb’s terms and conditions to post them here publicly (if somebody does ask, we are allowed to send them privately).

Welcome to Bulb!