Referral switching

Hi all, i signed up to be with bulb last Wednesday, 19th June, my mum is also a member, but unfortunately I did not use the referral switch, which enables both of us to get £50 pounds, is there anyway bulb will change this, or will I have to cancel my contract, which obviously has not started yet, and sign up again?, thanks

Best bet is to get in touch with Bulb and see if they can add the referral on for you. I’ve had a similar thing in the past where a referral hasn’t tracked for some reason or another and they’ve been more than helpful in resolving the issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Lisbon1967

@Jordon is right! If you let us know that you forgot to use the link, and send over the information about the person who switched and the link that should have been used, we can always add this on manually for you. :3

However, if you have signed up via a price comparison website such as uSwitch or Money SuperMarket, we won’t be able to apply the link.