I was with my daughter on Friday evening - she was complaining about her energy company so I persuaded her to sign up to Bulb for gas and electricity, even though it wasn’t the cheapest on offer. I didn’t have my laptop with me so couldn’t find my referral code. As you’re such good peeps is there anyway we can apply the referral retrospectively - she signed up on Friday evening so it hasn’t all gone through yet. Many thanks.

Hey @geoff33 , thanks for letting your daughter know about Bulb! We do like to think we’re good peeps so of course we can hook you up with your referral credit. Could you let us know her name and postcode? Feel free to direct message the info :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel, Many thanks for that. Sorry for being a dinosaur - how do I direct message you?

Hi @rachel . Not quite such a dinosaur it seems as after a bit of hunting around I found out how to do it so please ignore previous message and hopefully you have the info you need by DM. Can I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with your service? I have had repeated problems over a number of years with various utility companies, both for business and home, who simply fail over and over again to get the simplest things right - how hard can it be to take a meter reading and produce a correct bill? And changeovers are a nightmare. It is a real pleasure to find a company that not only gets the basics right but exceeds expectations. The changeover happened seamlessly, your communications were clear relevant and correct and on this issue I really expected you to come back and say sorry - has to be done at the time of signing up - computer says no, and all that. And just seen the email about the price drop. Fabulous. Well done to you all - I would sing your praises from the rooftops without the referral bonus but of course every little helps. I will try to make sure the referral link is used in the future - now I know what it is! Best wishes, Geoff