Hi, I am yet to receive my £50 referral and so is the person who referred me

Hi @Charliegrant, you won’t receive credit until your switch is complete (normally takes 21 days).

Your friend who referred you will be able to track your switch through their MyBulb referral page to see how many days it will be until you both get your credit.

We should have received it on the 22nd and I have hadn’t email to say the switch is complete though

If you know the details of the person who referred you, Bulb should be able to sort this out. Best to get in touch with them on the web-chat, or give them a ring (0300 30 30 635).

@Charliegrant the referrals have been a bit buggy. Can you please DM your postcode and name, and also the referral link you used? We’ll retroactively apply the credit.