I wish to refer someone for new account with you. In order that each of us receives £50 do I just ask them to get in touch with you and expect you to discern that I referred them or do I send you their details?

Ask them to sign up using your ‘referral link’, which you can find at, on left of screen just below

Refer a friend
Refer Bulb to your friends. You’ll get £50, they get £50. Each time.
Here’s your personal link:

You sent me a mail on 05/12 saying my £50 referral reward had been added to my account, but it doesn’t show up in my account.

@Keith5268 they need to sign up using your referral link, which you can find on your MyBulb as @198kHz mentioned.

@tomhan looks like Ralf added this yesterday. Sorry about the delay.