My dad and myself are ready to switch him next month via my referral to Bulb.
Obviously we will both then get the £50 referral payment.
We both currently switch via MSE Cheap energy club to take advantage of their £25 cash back too.
I believe you and all suppliers pay the above £60 for all new customers who make the switch through Money Saving Experts, Cheap Energy Club.
If my dad switched direct instead it would save you the £60.
Would £50 to me and £75 to my dad be an option for a direct switch (away from MSE) Cheap Energy Club??
S. Beardsley.

@Steveb1973, if you are referred to Bulb by an existing member, you will get £50 and the existing member will get £50.

If you then referred your dad, you would be up to £100 and your dad would have £50.

If you switch via MSE then Bulb pays MSE some amount of money (likely £60 but I don’t think they’re allowed to confirm), and MSE then pay you some amount of money (sounds like it’s £25 from your example).

You could then refer your dad, giving you £75 and your dad £50.

Basically for the most money, find a friend to refer you (if you don’t know anyone with Bulb, I’ll be happy to, just send me a PM), and then refer your dad. Ignore MSE completely for this switch.