Does anybody know, if I can refer to myself when I get a new property, and getting a new energy supplier
It’s a different address but I’m the payer
I’ve been happy with bulb, and if I take a new energy contract with bulb for another building, why can’t I have the £50?

Hi @Tarja,

If you want to refer yourself for another property that you rent or own, you can!

However, as you are referring yourself, you’ll only get one £50 credited to the most recent property’s bulb account.

i would like to recommend a friend however as I am card / key payment I cannot find where to recommend. please can you advise

Sign in to your Bulb dashboard and you’ll see your referral link there, which you can copy or share:

Hi @Cath_8

You can still recommend friends. Every member has a unique referral link they can share with friends and family and this can be used in order for you to receive the referral reward.

If you’re a prepay member then you’ll the the £50 reward sent by TransferWise email to your bank account.