For £75 join before 31st July using my referral link

Hi @Losham

Thanks for sharing Bulb, it’s great that you want to spread the word. I’ve removed your link because we have a no referral link rule on Community. It gets in the way of a useful conversation.

In less than a week I have had two promo mails about Share Bulb / get some cash. Hand on heart there is no way I could or would recommend Bulb until the ongoing IHD and Smart meter saga is resolved satisfactorily. Over and above that, while there are a few really helpful people at Bulb, in general the customer service is lethargic, and there continues to be the artic blast of silence from the founders. In good faith I just would not refer anyone to Bulb even if before May this year I was a very supportive customer.

Bulb, please stop sending me mails about getting cash for referring a friend or family. It’s not going to happen no matter how much the incentive is!

I 100% agree with you Bobby. I just got the same email and I feel the same. I’ve had my smart meters for about a month now and my IHD has never shown my electricity usage and for the last 3 days it’s just stuck rebooting because it now can’t connect to the gas meter either. Absolute shitshow from Bulb. Just sort it out!!!