Hi Team,

I have referred a friend and he had initiated the transfer using my referral link. However i dont see his name/details in my bulb account under Refer a friend --> People referred. It says zero though i have referred close to 5 friends and one of them initiated a transfer from a different vendor to Bulb.

Can this be checked please.
Registered mailid for my account is - xxxx


You are not posting to the Bulb team but to fellow customers on this forum. On this basis I would remove your email address unless you want to be scammed.

Bulb’s contact details are on this page:

Hi @Lakki, @Allanr is right, we just edited your post to remove your email :slight_smile:

Can you ask your friends to get in touch with us so we can see how they signed up and sort it out with them as well? We’re unable to pass over information about others sign ups.