Why does it say on my account, switch still in progress? When my friend has already fully switched?

Are they a prepayment customer? If so, Bulb are likely waiting on confirmation of their first top up. If they topped up more than 3 working days ago, then contact Bulb.

They’ve topped up twice since receiving the key , I’ve contacted bulb and i keep getting you will receive an email from transfer wise today or tomorrow but tomorrow never comes?

You will only get an email from TransferWise if you’re also a prepayment customer. If you’re not, check your account for £50 credit.

I am a pre paid customer and its a £75 referal credit .

Sometimes a switch can remain as “in progress” because Bulb are still waiting on some information from the previous supplier about the meter. I’m not sure if that’s what’s happening here, but if so that might affect the triggering of the referral email.

Unfortunately your best bet is to speak to Bulb again. Preferably someone in the Prepay team who will be aware of this issue. Or get the person you’re dealing with to check with the Prepay team. If I’m wrong they should still be able to sort it for you.