I was referred by a friend but because I moved in to a house which already was supplied by bulb I was told I or my friend don’t qualify for£50. My friend recommended bulb to me -( I hadn’t heard of you )- and feel she is being cheated out of a reward.

As Bulb already supplied the property, you had no choice but to sign up with them anyway…So you can’t be referred.

Unfortunate, but nobody has been cheated…

I have a similar problem. My neighbour told me about Bulb. I opted to change my supplier to Bulb, but did not go through the ‘refer a friend’ process. I am still receiving electricity through my old supplier. I believe we should still benefit from the ‘refer a friend’ process

Are you being serious now? Really?

If you are “still receiving electricity through my old supplier” then it sounds like your switch hasn’t completed in any case.

The switch to Bulb is going through at the moment. My friend recommended Bulb, but did not tell me about the ‘refer a friend’. So I simply applied myself. Maybe too late though.