Referrals Just Got More Fun

Hi Community,

Some of you might have noticed referrals received a bit of a rebrand recently, making them more shareable and more fun. And what could be more fun than a quick £50? :money_with_wings:

Just in case you’re not sure what we’re referring to here’s a help centre article on how the referral process works.

A lot of Bulb members use social media to boost their referrals and reach more of their friends and family, so we thought we’d tailor the tools to help with this. Have you tried them – how effective have they been?

:iphone: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp: :iphone:

Whether they’re scrolling through their newsfeed or trying to be heard on the family WhatsApp we think your friends and family will struggle not to be enticed by sharing up to £100 with you. Which is why we’ve made that clear in big bold figures for them.

If you want to know where your referral link is then head to and paste what you find into whatever forum you fancy (except this one!)

:camera_flash: Instagram :camera_flash:

This is the jazzy bit.

You can now add GIFs to your Instagram stories to make them stand out. Here’s how:

  • Add a story
  • Head to stickers
  • Search Giphy for “bulbuk”
  • Choose your favourite sticker
  • Share your story, sit back and wait for the referrals to roll in

We’ve also made a few templates you can save and share on social media. We made two square ones and two portrait ones, which you can download as a zip file. Don’t forget to add your link to the pink ones when you post.

While you can’t share your referral on Community, we’d love to hear about the ways you refer. Do you find social media’s the best place for it, or is word of mouth better? Is the promise of £50 and green energy enough to motivate almost anyone, or have you had better luck referring close friends and family?

And if you’re looking for inspiration you can find loads of lovely Bulb referrers on Twitter. :vulcan_salute: