Referrals Page not updated since last friday?

Referrals Page not updated since last friday ? can anyone shed any light on why this has happened thanks

I guess it’s just broken again, and because Bulb are on skeleton staff over the holiday there’s no one around to reboot whatever process has failed and get it working again.

nobody about to pay money out neither

I normally get daily meter readings appearing on my account from my SMETS1 meter on the smart tariff. That’s similar, sometimes it gets stuck and someone has to poke it. I’ve not had any readings appear since December 15, although the daily usage graph does still keep updating. I’ve assumed this is the same, no one will be in to poke it until January 2 at the earliest.

lol im on about referral payments lol

I know :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

I was giving you an example of a similar problem of a process that gets stuck …

anyways thanks for your help have a great new year