I had a referral connection from my daughter which I used. We have had no notification that we will both receive £100 because of this.

Hi @Sandrah,

Your daughter should have provided a link which, if you used, should have applied the credit to your accounts (the £100 credit is only for a week or so on the person’s ‘Bulbversity’: normally, it’s a £50 credit). The credit won’t appear until your switch is complete (to give you an idea of the timescale, I switched to Bulb on the 17th of November and on the 8th of December, I got an email with the title ‘Woo hoo! Here’s your Referred By a Friend reward’).

Your daughter, the referrer, should be able to check things by going into her Bulb account, going to ‘Refer a friend’, ‘My referrals’ and then selecting ‘Currently Switching’ or ‘Complete’ and you should be listed under one of those headings. If you aren’t, drop Bulb an email (see How to get in touch – Bulb ) with your details and the link your daughter provided, and they’ll be able to sort things out.