Referring a freind

Do you get any payment for referring a friend or business?

Yes, £50 will be credited to your account after the switch, provided they use your personal link found here -

@Andrea22 Hi there. Yep absolutely. For domestic referrals, they simply need to follow your referral link and sign up.

For businesses, it’s a little more manual but if the business account holder quotes your link during the sign-up quotation process we will add that manually to both the referrer’s and referee’s account.

Another thing to note is that for businesses it doesn’t work the opposite way - e.g. a business cannot refer domestic accounts :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just joined but made a typo when filling out the referral link from my friend? (Only realised when they asked me if I used their reference)…any way I can sort out so they and I can get the £50 referral fee? Thanks

Hi there @RC1999 I can get that credit added on for you, no problem. All I’ll need is the link you were trying to use, if you have it there? You can email it to me at if you’d rather not put it up on a public forum


Hi @alaniles is there anything I can help with

I am still waiting for the £50 why doesn’t it come off my next Bill

This is a Community forum for customers, without more information it is difficult to answer your query. The Bulb team will have specific details regarding your account, have you tried contacting them direct?

Hi @batesimon60, I’ve sent you an email so we can discuss your account there and get this sorted for you.