Referring a friend process needs improvement

I have referred two friends and found the process needs improvement. It is not logical to have suggested activities like “Refer a Friend” in non-reactive boxes. It is also not logical that everyone would realise that you have to click the green arrow which looks like someone has made a paper plane in the box below the “Refer a friend” information. Once you know that it, is an easy process to follow and also a great deal for both parties. I love Bulbs willingness to communicate as well as their great rates, so this is just a suggestion not a heavy criticism!!

Hey @lizjackson , thanks so much for this feedback. We need it! The whole referral process is coming under heavy review in the coming month and constructive criticism like this from our members is exactly what will drive that. We want to keep it as simple as possible. Clearly we’re not meeting that target just yet, so I’ve passed your ideas over to the people figuring out this change.

Hello, I subscribed through my friend’s link, but I am not sure if it worked as we are now switched and there is no credit on my account. Thanks for the help!

hey @cynthis1878 that’s odd! We’re looking into why that happened now :slight_smile: The credit will show on your accounts in the next couple of days