Refferal payment

I recieved a email stating that the £50 payment is paid in my bulb account but i can not see it besides the payment i have made

Please help

Hi, I find it much easier to view all my payments and referral credit in the Bulb app - it’s made much clearer than on the desktop website :slight_smile:

Hey @HRaidhan That’s it displaying in your account now :slight_smile:

@HRaidhan Have you tried to look at your balance in your online account? You should be able to see the £50 there.

Hi could you provide me with the link for the bulb app

@HRaidhan if you head to the app store and search for “Bulb” you will be able to see the app :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to release an Android app?

@Frank, there are indeed. Bulb have recently been asking for volunteers for the beta version of it here where you can also fill in a survey about your android device(s).

By the sound of it, we should have at least a beta version before the new year.

Thank you again @mowcius