Refund - Account in Credit

My account is £300 + in credit.
I’ve emailed both:

on 3 separate occasions now and I’ve had no responses whatsoever, I’m rather annoyed to be honest.
The first email sent was over a week ago.


Just change your DD to £5 for a while.

That works but to run down a large credit can take many months… it’s a pity there’s no automated way to do this.

The better solution is to manage your account and not let such a large credit build up in the first place.

These are all valid points, thank you!

At least £150 of the credit balance is from £50 credits after having me recommending people to Bulb, because, on the whole, I’m really happy with the service.

However, I’m just astonished that not a single person from Bulb has contacted me in 2 whole weeks.
Went through my emails yesterday - I’ve contacted them 3 times about this - unreal!

No supplier offers that option. Its because its to protect people from accidentally going in debit.

@charliefleig You do realise that they do have a phone number…right?? A 5 minute call will get you your refund. Whats the issue?

0300 303 0635