Refund photos no refund!

I have been with bulb a while now and generally had no issues…UNTIL TODAY!
I have moved properties and continued my supply with bulb, so far no problem!

At my old place, I had topped up prepayment meters at the end of the mth as that’s payday, like I do every mth!
I moved to new place some 7-10 days later (so only used about £15/20 off both) and was told quite clearly…having given final readings for gas/electric that I could either have a refund or transfer the credit to new place…still so far so good!

When I used customer chat today to obtain said credit (roughly £80) i was informed that because I hadn’t TAKEN PICS OF THE METERS SHOWING CREDIT, basically I cant get my money back!!!

I am furious with bulb as this was NEVER said to me at the time of moving!
The lady was as helpful as she could be I guess, informing me that a complaint will be raised and I would have an email back from her by the end of today…IM STILL WAITING!!!


Hi @Reggke72 Thanks for sharing your query and welcome to Bulb Community. I’m sorry that your first post had to be about an issue with the move out from your old property.

I can see my colleague has since raised a complaint over email, and this should be resolved through that thread of conversation now.

Unfortunately we don’t automatically get a record of the credit balance on meters when there’s a change of tenancy which is why we’re now asking for photos for you to claim a refund of the credit balance.

I appreciate that…my issue was the fact that NO ONE TOLD ME I needed to do that!
Doesn’t matter how as I’m swapping supplier

I can completely appreciate your frustration @Reggke72 and I am very sorry that you were not informed to take a photo of the credits. :pensive: As you have highlighted this within the complaint my colleague will take this into account when resolving the issue for you :+1: