Refund and submitted meters

Hello I want to received the refund on my account and to be help with the bulb application to submitted the meters reading, show me on application to send. Thanks

Somebody can help with the problem application I can’t submitted the meters readings, and to received the refund credit.Thanks

Hi @Elena21 :wave:

We already have an active email thread about this issue so I’ll drop you an email by the end of today :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you yesterday.

I’ve also merged your other thread here.

– Meg

Hello please I want my refund credit on my bank account, and if is possible to change the monthly payments on my application.Thanks

Hi @Elena21 :wave:

It looks like there’s some confusion around your electricity readings, as the readings you’re submitting are higher than the smart readings we’re receiving. We’ll need to get this fixed before I can process the refund.

I’ll drop you an email now as I’ll need some pictures,
– Meg :bulb:

Please I need the submitted the meters on my application isn’t show me nothing and to change the monthly payment. Thanks