Refund credit on account

Hello - my bulb account currently has a large credit balance on it, and I would like this refunded back to me. Is it possible to do this? I completed a meter reading around a week ago.
Many thanks

Hey we’ll be more than happy to refund excess credit back to you, we’re not your bank after all! I’ve dropped you an email to confirm what we can do for you.

Hi Andy, I haven’t received any emails?

Hi @junaydbell sorry about that! We had a small technical glitch so the email didn’t send. @andy_bulb has just resent it :slight_smile:

Hi I would like to request a refund of my credit also please

Hi. Could you also send me that email please. I’m new to the company and not sure of what to do about the refund side of things.

@fiona6264 At the moment I can’t see your account is in credit so we are not able to process a refund @maxinebell I have sent the email to you regarding payments/refunds :slight_smile: