Refund credit please

Hi. I requested a refund of my credit, I spent half an hour waiting to speak to someone on chat, finally agreed to refund me, between 5-10 days… Day 12 and still no sign of anything.
Please refund my money, single parent here, I could do with it in my account

Hi is anyone answering these posts

Hi @Yellowmini :wave:

Apologies for the delay in getting a response to you here. I have had a look into your account and I can see that there was a draft bill waiting to be accepted by our billing team which left your account in a credit. Since being accepted your account has now entered a debit so we would not be able to organise a refund for you.

I apologise for any confusion caused here. If you have any questions please drop them below and I’ll take a look :point_down: :eyes:

Luke :bulb:

Yeah I see all the money has gone now, my concern is why it’s taking over 8 mths for your team to pick this up, and only after I’ve informed you… this is the 2nd time I’ve had problems with you…
So either the smart meters aren’t working or are just not smart… Or your system of operation is rubbish.
I also have a question because the app says I should be paying £125 which seems really high for a 1 bed flat, but the smart meter only says I use £65… So again what’s right , what’s wrong… How do I budget if I have 2 different things telling me something different
I’m pretty annoyed at bulb, and will be considering leaving , I can see why bulb failed and went to receivership


Hey @Yellowmini

Your in home display unit is probably still being updated with the latest tariff information which is where the difference will be coming from. Once this is updated your IHD will show the accurate usage based on the latest tariff and will match what we are suggesting on your account.

– Robyn :bulb: