Refund Credit

Hi Bulb Community,

Last week I phoned asking to refund some money from credit as it was very large compared to the monthly bill. I was refunded £100 and was told to send a meter reading if I would like to request more. I sent a meter reading and was wondering if I could have some money refunded please?

Kind Regards and Many Thanks,

@jsford97, I’ve previously been informed that they can only process refunds via phone so you likely still have to ring them up to request this. (0300 30 30 635)

Presuming someone from Bulb reads this, why is it that you can’t process refunds via web chat?

Do the Bulb team just like to hear their lovely customer’s voices every so often? :kissing_wink:

Hi @jsford97 , I’ve sent you a new statement based on your reading. It’s left your account in credit, so I’ve refunded back £200 to your bank account. (there was not a £100 refund put through previously, just to let you know). I have left 1.5 * your new monthly payment as we recommend keeping a little extra in there for Winter.

@mowcius We can only refund payments to the amount of payments made to us, so in many cases, we need to take bank details over the phone (rather than in plain text in an email)