Refund for Overpayment

Good afternoon.

I have £1400 credit in my Bulb account. How do I go about claiming a refund?


Hi @Nei1, welcome back after such a long time!

I’ve just sent you an email about this :mailbox:

Lou :stars:

Replied straight away. Not heard anything since.


Hi @Nei1,

Thanks for your patience on this. I’ve responded to your email now. Please let us know there if there’s anything else we can help with.

I have also got £1000 in credit and my payments are £80 a month and I am not getting any response. With all the comments on refunds I honestly think they are hoarding all this credit from folk.

How have you manged to accumulate £1000 credit? When did you first take action to reduce this credit building up?

So I map £100 in each month and for some reason I have had 2 credit adjustments in 2 quarters where my usage over the summer have been slot lower and a bill correct of £600 was also made so I started to take action back in September when it was £700 in credit and they are not responding to me regarding a refund. At first it said I was not eligible because of a meter reading that didn’t look right but I have the smart meter so I don’t understand why and they won’t tell me other than a chat bot.

Hi @Peterg17,

I’ve just sent you an email regarding this, as we’ve had some billing issues that we need to get sorted.