Refund from previous supplier


I can’t get a refund on the in-cridt gas account from my previous supplier (isupply) as they say you have never sent them the agreed opening meter reading (switch was on 2 May). They do admit to getting the electricity one, and have issued a final bill (including a termination fee) which I have paid. How do I get the termination fee refunded, as you promised when I signed up?



I’m purely a customer so unable to comment regarding the gas account, however for termination or exit fee please see:

Hi @brucea that link @Allanr posted is the way to get your exit fees refunded. In terms of the gas switch over, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there (we received confirmation that your opening read had been passed on to them two days after your switch) but I’ve fired them over an email as well. I can also let you know what your opening gas read was, if you think that would help.