Refund my Credit back PLEASE!

on the 4th November 2021 I was in credit with Bulb for £988.88, on numerous occasions I asked for the credit to be refunded, no reply, no response at all…how gracious of them, I live alone and out during the day so obviously a low user, as recommended by Bulb my payments were reduced down, since going into administration my payments have fraudulently been increased to £295.25 per month, I reduced the payments but without my permission and dismay they took more than they should have, oh and in November they done 4 x estimated readings, will be taking this complaint further

I had issues, they used the previous residents usage which was Hugh du to medical equipment. On 3 occasions I told them to look at my previous usage, they lowered the payments then put the back up within days.
In the end I cancelled my direct debits and made them use the credit.

Good Idea to cancel direct debit and use credit, thank you x

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Hi @TC_59 - welcome to community :wave:

I’m really sorry for the service you’ve experience whilst trying to get a refund, and then having your payments increased.

I can see you have a refund of £427.58 pending. It was requested today so it’ll be with you in 3-5 working days.

The readings you submitted yesterday are slightly higher than our estimates. If this happens regularly then we would need to increase your payments, so I would advise submitting readings every month if possible.

– Meg :bulb:

I had the exactly the same experience. It would seem the customer has no control over their own bank account once Bulb have got their fingers into it! In other circumstances, this would be classified as criminal behaviour (fraud).


I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience with getting a refund.

If there is anything you would like to discuss about your account please can you send an email over to and we can take a look?

Ele :sunny:

Same thing here. Credit build up for 3 months in front, but they don’t want to reduce monthly payments. I could invest that money rather than keep in bulb account. I wrote an email to them but no reply so I am not going to chase my money anymore wasting my time ringing them and waiting on the line. The only easiest solution is to cancel direct debit and use credit this way.

Hi @gytis_bulb - welcome to community :wave:

We need to keep enough credit in your account to cover next month’s payment, as we take payment in advance, but we can refund any remaining credit.

Your suggested payment amount is between £103.76 - £115.29, so I can refund up to £170.79. Let me know if you want me to go ahead with this? We’ll also need your direct debit active to be able to process the refund.

– Meg :bulb:

They are crocks lol. You won’t get your money back just as I won’t get my £500 back. They are going for the money grab and stealing as much as they can from customers before they shut down.

They told me that I could only pay by direct debit, and that I must pay in advance by building up credit. So, they earn interest, not me! They do not allow you to use up your credit, presumably so they have something left when they go bust.
There’s no point in trying to contact them, because they ignore you. I’m worried that if I cancelled my direct debit they would cut off my electricity supply. I can’t risk that because my wife is disabled so needs the fridge to keep her medication safe.
They’ve got us over a barrel!

If you have a disabled house member call (or see below to register) bulb and tell them to add you to their vulnerable list (like me) no company can disconnect your supply under these circumstances.

Google bulb accessibility and priority services to find the link. (I’m not allowed to post it here) *eyeroll

Cancel your DD and stop paying them now!! . By law they cant cut off your electricity Suppliers aren’t allowed to disconnect you between 1 October and 31 March if you’re you have a disabled person living with you. It will take them at least 6 months before they can ever attempt to change your meter to pay as you go and we already know they are going to be bankrupt. You can change provider but not until you have used them for a good number of months. They owe thousands of people money and won’t pay - it’s only fair others treat them with the same disdain they have for their customers.

I informed National Power Networks, so hopefully we have some protection from Bulb.

I would prefer a paper bill based on my submitted meter reading, but they have told me from the begining that they are a ‘modern, green company’ that operate ‘in a new way’, so old-fashioned paper bills are not permitted. I pay my water bill by sending a cheque in the post, so I don’t see why Bulb cannot operate in the same way. I would rather my credit be held in my savings account, not theirs.

Hi all,

@sonny I just had a look over your account to see what the issue with a refund was, I can see you have a prepayment meter so I am a little confused where the build up of credit is but I will send you an email if you’d like to discuss this further.

@J5AEO , @john1471 thank you for your posts.

I just thought I would jump and clarify some things around your payments and supply.

At Bulb the primary payment method we have is a monthly direct debit. Here is a really useful help article as to how these are calculated.

We also offer a pay on receipt option, for this method you can either make manual top ups into the account to pay of your statements or we can set up a direct debit so that when each statement is produced only the exact amount it is worth is taken from your bank account. This is great if you don’t want to build up credit, but obviously means payments will fluctuate with your usage which can make it a little harder to budget for

We wouldn’t shut off your supply if you missed a payment, however we may apply a late payment fee if there is outstanding balance on your account and no monthly payment has been made. The only way you would go off supply is if you had a prepayment meter and that ran out of credit, although it does have options when this happens. - here is a piece we wrote on how these types of meter work.

If you did want paper bills we can organise that for you.

And if you had any more questions please let me know


But you just don’t Meg! Why not come clean? We know what you’re doing, we’re not stupid, we read the papers!

This happened to me, and the only way to stop them was to close the direct debit, but now I get daily emails from them threatening me with admin charges. You can’t win. I have written off my credit as a theft; I will switch to ANYONE else as soon as the Ofgem investigation is over, nothing can be as stressful and harmful to your health than being a Bulb ‘member’.