Refund not available

My account is over £2k in credit but it won’t let me claim a refund. What is going on? Can’t get through to anyone. Maybe OFGEN can help.

Have you followed the process in Getting a refund for credit in your account – Bulb to request a refund. Hope you don’t mind me asking but how have you manged to accrue such a large credit without for instance opting to reduce your monthly direct debit.

Hi @diggerg3 - I can see there was an issue with your billing that was causing the account to look like it was in high credit. Theres been a complaint raised for you now, please respond there to get this fully resolved.


Where would I find the complaint please

It would be in the email that you use for your bulb energy account

Hi @diggerg3 - it looks like your complaint has been raised with my colleague Elisa on the email address you use for your Bulb account. Could you get back to us there?