Refund not correct

Hi,just requested refund but offered a refund of £92.13,when my credit is £226 and £50 due to come out,giving a total of £276 in credit,my monthly bills are under £40,I also send meter readings in once a month,why am I not being refunded the full amount?

Hi @007,

Thanks for your post! And welcome to community :wave:

Your current balance is £226.74 and your monthly payment is £41 but your estimated annual usage is actually £69.37.

There is also a £50 pending payment on the way to your account so once this is processed, we can refund an additional sum.

The most we could refund today is £157.37 and I can see that you have a £92.13 refund on its way back to you. But would you like me to request the difference between these two?

The lower the credit in your account, the more the monthly DD will need to be to cover this.

Let me know what you want to do

– Daisy :bulb:

Lol this thread is quality entertainment. Girl check daisys profile, she wasn’t working yesterday. She also never said your refund would be on that day, you said that, not her. This is a community forum :sob: call them (their number is tel: 0300-303-0635) if you need a reply, daisy taking the time to respond is a privilege not a requirement, this isn’t customer service, this is purely for members of the community.
I feel so bad for customer service workers being talked to like this, it’s only been a day :eye::lips::eye:

Hi @007,

I have now refunded the additional £65.24. This will be with you in another 3-5 working days.

Can I help with anything else today?

– Daisy :bulb: