Refund not forthcoming !?

2 weeks ago I asked for a refiund of part of the £450.00 I am in credit with you, so far nothing how long am I expected to wait for what is MY money?

As an interim until Bulb get moving on you request reduce your dd to the minimum of £5 per month.


Give them a call, I’ve never waited longer than 2 days for a refund from them.

Hi Derek,

Welcome to community! Sorry to hear you’ve not received your refund yet. If you give us a call on 0300 303 0635 we’ll issue you a next day refund.


Hi, Just wondered how many other people have had trouble getting a refund from Bulb.
I asked for a refund on 3rd April and received an email the following day saying it would be in my bank account within 5 working days.
Now, three weeks later and after a dozen emails and three phone calls I have yet to receive the refund.
What are other peoples experiences?

Call 0300 303 0635 got mine within 24 hours

Hi Derek,
I have called that number three times and each time I’ve been fobbed of with “We’ll look into it”
I’ve even emailed them my bank statement to show that I have not received the refund.
I don’t know what to do next short of contacting the ombudsman.

Only other option is to reduce the direct debit to £5.00 as someone suggested to me earlier, until you have your money back

Hi @7073jeremy and welcome to our community :earth_africa:

I’ve sent you an email, so we can get this refund sorted for you.

You can’t change your DD to £5.00 any more.
Bulb have disabled this option also.
I have £135.00 credit in my Bulb account and still Bulb keep taking payment from my bank account via DD.
I tried to change my payment to £5.00 but won’t let me.