Refund of account credit

Please can I have some of my credit refunded? I’m currently £353 in credit. I’ve reduced my monthly payments to the minimum £64, but that’s still more than I used this month. I’m happy to leave a bit of credit there (especially since my usage is bound to go up over the Winter), but £353 seems excessive!

Hi @petermichaeljones , I’ve refunded back £250 of credit back to your bank account and you should see it in a couple of days.

I’ve refunded £250 as after we issued your statement on 24th September, your account was in £277 of credit. You’ve got a payment of £76 coming in, so with the payment of £76 and the remaining £27 in your account, your total balance will be £103.

We recommend keeping 1.5 * your monthly payment (£64) in your account as a winter buffer. This would be ~£96 for you (which is pretty close to the £103 I left in your account).

Hope it all makes sense!