Refund of credit balance

Can I request a refund of my credit balance through community messaging or do I have to call/email bulb directly?

Hi @Fordy1978, we can do it through the community as well :). We advise keeping around 1 month’s worth of credit in your balance to prepare you for the winter. That being said, how much would you like refunded? :slight_smile:

I’d like every penny of credit owed back to me thanks. I would also encourage other members to submit monthly readings to monitor their usage vs suppliers estimated use. No offence, but the premice money is better sat in your account accruing interest rather than customers accounts is very poor advice.


I have refunded a portion of your credit and this will be back in your account over the next 5 days.

Building on what Erwin says is a section of our terms and conditions:

3.16. You must keep your account in credit by paying for the supply in advance by automatic payment, or if you’re in debt with us, you agree to not be in debt by more than half of what we’ve calculated as being your expected annual bill.

Just to remind you, you also have full control of the payment amount in your online account, so at any point if you think you end up paying too much you can reduce it there.