Refund of credit to bank account

I requested a refund of £100 back to my bank account on 03/01/2019 as my energy usage has decreased a lot, this was confirmed by Bulb the same day and was told it would take 5-10 days to appear in my bank account. 21 days later I’ve received no refund and my follow up email has not been responded to! Anyone else had this issue? Was it resolved?

Hi @cj_taylor1985 ,

When I requested a refund in early December, there was a small problem. When I replied to the email from Tom (Bulb staff member) pointing out the refund hadn’t appeared a week or so later, he said ‘The initial refund failed so I’m sorry about that.’ and he resent it and it showed up on my Monzo account the same day.

Perhaps just drop a quick reply to the original email response just to check up on things?