Refund of exit charges

Hi there. Can you please advise me where I send a copy of the bill from my previous supplier including exit charges so that I can receive my refund. Thank you.

Just answered my own question and sent it to

Great to hear you’re sorted @rachelsfriends. Have a great week.


Sorry for posting here, I know it’s the old forum thread but I’ve sent two emails on that address with my details and final bill to get the refund but I haven’t got an answer. Is this email address still valid for that purpose?


Hi @pos610, the email address is still valid but if you’ve heard nothing (it can take a couple of days), then I’d just give them a ring to check it got there (0300 30 30 635).

Hi, I’ve just called them, it’s sorted

Hi, I've just called them, it's sorted Thanks!
No worries, glad you managed to get it all sorted.