Refund of overpaid monies

Can you please let me know how to activate a refund of the additional funds sitting in my account?

@Imsmcook, we have to leave a month’s worth of credit in your account in order to pay for the month ahead’s energy and can refund anything over this back to your bank for you.

I’ve processed this for you so it should be back in your bank in a few working days :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Hi can you please refund me the full amount of credit I am able to take out of my account please

@Kattyj , this has also been done for you =)

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Crinan, would you be able to refund all that’s possible of my account also?

@jknms , refund has been processed

Hiya. Would you able to refund me half of my credit? I’d like to keep my bill low and use some towards that and withdraw the other half. Thank you

Hello. Can I also get a refund on my account please? I am in a large amount of credit, so even if two thirds can be refunded that would be great. Thank you

@Staciferr @Tallcat I have processed these refunds for the desired amounts.

Hi there could you please refund the full amount of credit on my account that is possible. Thanks

Hi. Please could you process a refund for my account? As much as possible please.

@dbarclay21 @bethanyc Couldn’t get your account up from the details here. ~ Could you email us at and we’ll happily get this sorted for you.

Would it be possible to be refunded the full amount possible please?? Thank you!!

@JRoxburgh We haven’t sent you a bill yet so this credit cannot be refunded to you, a portion of it will likely disappear when this is generated.

I have sent you an email as we need a photo to confirm your gas reading. It might be wrong.

I am in credit, when do I get a refund?

I have a lot of credit, how can I get a refund please?

@RazzleDazzleMe Can we get up to date meter reading? We’re not sure how much energy has been used since the last readings in March.

@MSarris I’ve refunded credit to you now, you’ll see the specific details on your online account. You may wish to consider reducing your monthly payment.

Hello, Can I have a full refund of my credit please? Thank you