Refund of overpayment

Hi. Please could I claim a refund of my overpayment, I would like to claim all over payments back and will pay more in the winter if required.


Hi Richardlax

Shouldn’t be a problem but… come back to this thread on Monday morning from 9:00am when the Bulb team will be available to help. You can also ring them up for assistance, if you so wish on 0300 30 30 635

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Hi there @Richardlax we are now back in action (thanks again @IanB :slight_smile: ) and we can indeed get you a refund of some of that excess. I see that we’ve had some recent meter readings from you, which is great, so we can refund you down to a minimum of one month’s credit (we’d recommend keeping a little more, around one and a half times your monthly payment). If you let me know how much you’d like back, either here or by email on if you’d rather not put specifics up on a public forum, I’ll get that sorted out for you.